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I Am From

I am from the automotive factory Where they make cars Be it Ford, GM, or some type hybrid of the two Not a flashy Camaro or Corvette Not a dependable and durable F150 But from hard work and great minds Like the everlasting Suburban. I am from European farm stock And migrants on a boat… Continue reading I Am From


There is one French door in my dining room dressed in a faux white wooden blind that takes me out to my sanctuary. As I open this door, my heart pitter-pats. I never quite know what I’ll find outside, but whatever prevails will calm and nurture me. My sanctuary is an outdoor balcony that brings… Continue reading Sanctuary


June 22, 2021 Dear Charles Schultz: Thank you for this incredible word that I’ve used for my title. This is how I’m feeling. Note I am writing in red because I am so angry. I can’t find my writing? Where is my rough draft for Tuesday’s SOL? I’ve searched My Drive in Google, my PC… Continue reading AAUGH!