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Natural Rhythm

What will I do today?  There are many choices.  Things have already happened such as  making morning coffee, increasing the temperature on the thermostat, and making the bed.  I also did a little reading, game playing, and writing. Next will come getting dressed and exercising.  I am undecided as to what I should do for… Continue reading Natural Rhythm

Current Events

Social studies was never my favorite class, yet I have lingering images from past social studies classes even today as I get closer and closer to the age of sixty.   First, let me share evidence that shows how much I loathe this subject. Government was a required high school course back in the eighties when… Continue reading Current Events

Inside Out

Deep inside a grain of sand is a miniature universe not visible to the naked eye.  But it exists, and every sea creature knows it.  If one can become microscopic and enter a grain of sand, she would see a timeline of all the past events she experienced.  How does one become microscopic?  Well, fold… Continue reading Inside Out

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