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What I Don’t See

I don’t see competition, reproduction, questioning, gluttony, shyness.  This is my first sentence after two weeks of not writing while living in a beach house in Port Aransas, Texas, and it’s incomplete.  It’s a muddle of ideas and now I’m going to pinpoint one on which to focus.     Wow!  I just spent several typing moments… Continue reading What I Don’t See

Grandpa Olson

My grandpa was a rascal and a tease with a sweet tooth. I have such fond memories of him. His heart was so big. He loved to sneak food scraps to the family cat while at the table, even though this was verboten in my house, where his eldest daughter lived. Grandpa Olson was an… Continue reading Grandpa Olson

The Hero Who Wasn’t

I’ve written a lot about my dad since his passing a year ago, and now it’s time to write about my mom. My mother wasn’t always my hero. I went through an ugly stage in my early 20s where she really annoyed me, and I let her know it. I’ve always been late to develop,… Continue reading The Hero Who Wasn’t