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Everything and the Kitchen Sink

There’s chaos in the kitchen.  Bodies bump and cupboards open and close like a blinking eye restoring its loose contact.  The old man, sitting on the black leather couch, is not used to these sounds.  Whenever he’s in the kitchen, he’s in control and the audio is minimal.  But this week is one of his… Continue reading Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Twenty Years Later

The idea of writing about the future 20 years from now is a little frightening as I have “more yesterdays than tomorrows”, which is one of my favorite Bill Clinton quotes.  But writing is all about imagination and dreams, so I’m going to go for it. PREWRITING Here’s a list of ideas: Me and my… Continue reading Twenty Years Later

You Are What You Wear

I started valuing clothes in the sixth grade when my family moved from the city of Detroit to an affluent suburb in Oakland County.  Clothing became of the utmost importance when a girl asked me how many pairs of Levi’s I had.  Levi’s?  I remembered an ad for them on tv, but what difference did… Continue reading You Are What You Wear

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