What Am I Doing as a Writer?

When I taught writer’s workshop, my go to conferencing line was, “What are you doing as a writer?” In today’s post, I am going to ask and answer that question for myself covering the 30 days of the SOLC 2021.

As a writer, I finally have a good system and have utilized a writer’s notebook to store my ideas. What’s working is a Google doc that I have access to on my phone. Get this. I was walking the hills of the neighborhood and had to stop to jot down a jingle that was running through my head. Because I can store ideas and create files on Google and it’s on every device I have, I can feel like a writer and jot down observations wherever I go.

As a daily writer, I’ve been able to put what I’m reading into action. For example, I posted a blog then edited it so I could use the word of the author I was reading. I had originally used the word patterning, but the word I read in my book, riddling, was a better adjective for my description. At first I felt like a cheater, but I did go back to my original published post and made the change to riddling. My piece became stronger.

I’m not sure what I’ll do as writer when the SOLC 2021 concludes. I need to develop a plan, though, so this behavior becomes a habit. Maybe I should set a SMART goal. Perhaps this is what I’ll write about tomorrow.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I use Google Docs as well but take notes while I am walking on the KEEP app on my phone. You can make it a DOC later if you wish. It works well with the voice-to-text option as well. I am looking forward to reading what you write tomorrow and see your goal.
    I write every morning after I wake up for at least 10 minutes. It is a goal I always achieve and has produced many words in notebooks and in Google Docs! To be fair, I usually write longer but 10 min was my start to make sure I did it.
    Good luck noodling all your thoughts tonight!

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  2. It sounds like you came up with an effective strategy for SOLC.It is clever to keep a Google document with ideas. I am sure you will still add to it.

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