“Frrroom,” Goes the Purple Machine

Who says, “I love my vacuum cleaner!”? I do! My vacuum cleaner is a purple, lean Dyson that fits snuggly in the front closet between a rain jacket and winter coat. It religiously comes out each week to suck up dirt and grit, but more importantly, it gobbles up the numerous fur clumps of a Maine Coon.

My purple Dyson has the strongest suction of any vacuum I’ve ever used, yet it doesn’t have the strongest volume, and this is a good thing. I know because I’ve had louder machines that left my ears ringing.

I become a landscaper when I vacuum the house with my Dyson. After each swipe, I see a trail of new carpeting like the rows of newly mowed grass. I can even vacuum over hard surfaces without making any sort of adjustments to the machine. It truly purrs like the cat whose fur it consumes.

I can even brag some more about this vacuum cleaner as there’s very little maintenance. No need to rid plump, soiled vacuum bags nor to purchase fresh, new ones. My Dyson has a removable canister that gets dumped after each use with only a flick of a latch.

I found this gem of a vacuum by doing a Google search. My criterion being, “Best vacuums for picking up cat hair.” My Dyson popped up in every link as numero uno. I had to have it, and now I do. Who says one can’t love their vacuum cleaner because I unequivocally do.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. Wow! It’s nice to know there is another perspective out there, I either feel great anomosity about my vacuum cleaners (the last one) or am neutral (this one). I mostly feel like I am doing battle with them as much as with the dirt on the floor, so it is not a relationship of appreciation, that’s for sure. Your slice has opened up the possibility for a realtionship of gratitude here, on my part.
    Thank you!

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