June 22, 2021

Dear Charles Schultz:

Thank you for this incredible word that I’ve used for my title. This is how I’m feeling. Note I am writing in red because I am so angry. I can’t find my writing? Where is my rough draft for Tuesday’s SOL? I’ve searched My Drive in Google, my PC files and folders, and my blog’s drafts. Nothing.

The image of my rough draft left an imprint on my brain. I see it clearly, but I cannot read the words; therefore, I cannot reproduce them. The piece even had a title, “Invitation – 24 Unspoken Exchange.” It was the 24th writing activity in Bonni Goldberg’s Room to Write.

I even know my topic. I wrote a conversation between my husband and me that never happened. I left my laptop’s screen open wondering if he would stop and read it. I also revised the piece the next day and added dialogue from my husband’s point of view. The discussion focused on why we didn’t need a jeep for the beach because we had a truck, and my expectation was to revisit this piece after my sister’s wedding in North Carolina, do some final revision and editing, and post it on Tuesday’s SOL for June 22,2021.


It couldn’t possibly have been a dream, could it? No. It’s much more likely that I wrote this piece in WordPress and never clicked, “Save draft.”

I like to write, but it is so hard. I know my draft so well, but I will not make another effort at the exercise because the words would not be the same. I put a lot of effort into this writing and was excited to work on it today. I had the same enthusiasm as Charlie Brown kicking Lucy’s football, and I had the same results, “Aaugh!”

Thanks for all the laughs.

Very truly yours,

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. What a great slice! I too have written and lost my writing. I was confident that Google, that fabulous search engine for the internet would solve my problems in Drive; however, I do not always write/draft in Drive.
    Then, there is my document file on the computer that needs a good cleaning MORE than my spare room closet!
    Sigh, I get you.
    But I feel like you already had that conversation with yourself – that’s what really matters?

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  2. Yes, Nancy, I have lost my writing. It’s terrible! I understand your angst. I have not done this in a while and consciously remind myself to back up my drafts. I totally get that you cannot reproduce your writing. It is never the same. I hope you find a way to say what you want in another way. In the meantime, your post today was totally relatable for me! Thanks!

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  3. Aaauugh is right! I’ve had this happen too. It is its own unique brand of frustration. And the choice of whether or not to recreate is a tricky one. I go back and forth between the thought that it will never be good as the first, and the worry that the first one wasn’t as great or clever as I’m idealizing it to be. But alas! with that writing gone, there’s nothing to do. Either way, I suppose, you got a great Slice out of your day. =)

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