Oh, God!

I  talk to you when I pray, and I know you are there 24/7.  You are a lifeline or connection that gives my life hope and a purpose.  You put up with me and love me no matter what my actions and thoughts are.  I most appreciate how you listen when I pray at night and my words get stirred into unconsciousness.  I begin to ramble and relax, and my thanks and appreciation are lost.  At times I go straight to the Lord’s Prayer for brevity and big themes, but even this can get interrupted.  

Nightly prayers include my family, people they know, and the nation/world.  I pray for the victims of disasters, and I pray for President Joe Biden.  I’m amazed with the battles he faces and his proactive attitude for doing what’s best for the country and world.  I know he will go down as a strong president and perhaps be remembered like Washington, Lincoln, or Kennedy.  I pray that he does.  He and the first lady are a breath of fresh air, blowing out the chaotic evil and lies of the past administration.

I end this writing in hope because that is what you bring.  Thank you for your strength and love.


God, you are a mystery and one who knows nothing of equity.  I look at my stress-free life with smooth seas and compare it to my Aunt Glenna’s side of the family.  She is probably the strongest, most hopeful person I’ve ever known.  You did not deal her a hand from a full deck, though.  Ever since she was a little girl and compared with my mom, there was strife.  I can’t believe people actually asked the question, “Why are you so fat and your sister so thin?”  Children should not have to answer that nor should any adult even ask it.

But you gave Aunt Glenna strength.  She stood up for her beliefs and sprayed water from the yard hose at  boyfriends who said, “Children should be seen and not heard.”  

But then you slammed her with bad marriages and jobs that never ended.  You married off her only daughter at the young age of 16 and then had her die of cancer as a fairly young adult. 

But Aunt Glenna persevered.  She even found love in her old age and remarried, but you struck her down again with kidney disease.  

I am not surprised there is just one grandchild of Aunt Glenna’s left.  Why was my mom’s life and mine so much better?  Is it the education gap that made the difference?  

How do you know who to give what to?  Or, maybe it’s all chance.  Regardless, I know you play a role in it.  You are the dealer of cards in life’s game.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. Wow, Nancy, what a poignant and honest heart-felt prayer. Thank you for sharing it. Your questioning and honesty about Aunt Glenna is really good to see in writing. I think similar thoughts, but don’t always pray the hard questions.

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  2. Thank you for sharing these personal and sincere thoughts with us. And oh! Those questions! I suppose that is the reason we seek out support from a higher power. If only we had answers…

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  3. Wow, what a great piece. I like the two different perspectives you offer and the deep questions. Your last line is my favorite, “You are the dealer of cards in life’s game.” If only we knew the answers to such tough questions.

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