Seeing is Believing

Task:  Look at something,  anything, and see it fully.  Use all three ways of seeing to describe this thing i.e., instinct (previous experience), intuition (gut reaction), and imagination ( mental flash of possible scenarios).  Notice which way of seeing is most challenging for you and which comes more naturally.

The object:  My dad’s guitar

Smooth and stained, my dad’s guitar reminds me of his love.  He played this guitar because he loved music.  He played this guitar because he loved his three daughters.  When it was bedtime, he didn’t read many stories.  Instead, he serenaded us to sleep. The strummed chords and his tenor voice were an extra blanket that cocooned my sisters and me in safety, security, and his heart.  We were ready for a night of sweet dreams as his singing echoed down the stairs, “Good night, ladies.  Good night, ladies.  Good night ladies, we’re going to leave you now.”  My dad was a musician and this was a song from The Music Man.

I think my dad taught himself how to play the guitar because music was instinctive for him.  After learning how to play violin at a young age and tinkering with the piano, he knew enough to play any instrument he wanted like the organ, viola, and cello (when my sister needed help).  I don’t know how my dad obtained the guitar.  My hunch is he was the one who bought it as his shopping tendencies were to purchase what he wanted when he wanted it, especially when the new item was related to electronics/technology or music. 

Housed in the piano bench and then inside a box lived Sears Home Study Course for Spanish Guitar.  The copyright is 1938, so I can rule out my dad getting the guitar to play rock and roll as this genre was first named in 1954.  He must have had it a good many years before my sisters and I were born (early sixties), and before he married my mom (mid 1950fifties).  His Aunt Emma lived with my dad when he was growing up and worked for Sears, so she might be part of the guitar’s origin. 

My father and his Aunt Emma are not alive today, but the guitar is.  It’s current residence is South Austin Music, and it’s been living there since April.  That’s a long time in my opinion, but to make it playable, structural repair is needed. This will take substantial time, probably another three months, but I know it will be well worth it.   Even though my musical talents are nothing compared to my father’s, I want to learn how to play the guitar by myself as this is one of my retirement goals. 

I fantasize about the phone ringing.  A hip Austinite is at the other end to let me know my guitar at South Austin Music is ready for pickup.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. I love this approach to writing – instinct, intuition, imagination. You’ve gotten my wheels turning, and I’ll have to give this format a try! And…the guitar writing makes me smile. A have a few of my own, and I imagine they each have some stories to tell…

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  2. This was interesting to read. It’s filled with love for your dad and music. The image of being serenaded to sleep is super sweet. I hope the guitar returns to you soon and you’ll have fabulous time together.

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