What I Don’t See

I don’t see competition, reproduction, questioning, gluttony, shyness.  This is my first sentence after two weeks of not writing while living in a beach house in Port Aransas, Texas, and it’s incomplete.  It’s a muddle of ideas and now I’m going to pinpoint one on which to focus.    

Wow!  I just spent several typing moments correcting my last sentence so that it didn’t end in a preposition.  This grammar rule is so ingrained in me that it is something I see all the time.  Now, to get back to the writing of Invitation 28.

I don’t see reproduction or better yet pregnancy.  This is something I’ve never experienced, and as an older female, that makes me kind of a rarity.  I also think it is sometimes a disadvantage.  I am somewhat clueless as  a 57-year-old without offspring.  That stands out overtime.  For example, I taught for a little more than 30 years.  Teaching is a profession that yields well to motherhood, especially elementary teaching.  An elementary school is like a village.  It’s a nurturing community that takes care of kids.  A teacher can easily continue their job when having children.  This is even easier when offspring are of school age.  All the teacher has to do is tote their kids with them to and from school, and the children will be supervised and engaged most of the time the mother is working.

The  last elementary school I taught at was a family school.  More than half of the school’s teachers had children, but I was an exception.  At times, this put me at a disadvantage.  I had little to contribute when conversations revolved around sons and daughters of every age.  I also had nothing in common with the young first time pregnant teachers.  Their nine months of celebration and then misery was a mystery.  I had no connection.  All I knew was that their abdomens could really stretch.  This looked good on some and others not so much.  I’ve never had a close relationship with anyone during their 9 months of pregnancy.  You see, I moved to Texas when my sisters became pregnant, and I live far away from the few friends I’ve had; therefore, I haven’t been close to someone who goes through the joys and unpleasantness of gestation.  

I hear delivering a baby is painful, kind of like passing a kidney stone, both of which I’ve never experienced.  I do know something magical happens when a baby is born.  Life is a true miracle.  Babies make people happy.  There is something about their minuteness that is amazing. How can something so little be created by two mortals.  Obviously there is a higher being involved in this somewhere.  

Pregnancy is unknown to me, but life is extraordinary.  

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.

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