Water Musings

What is it about water that fascinates?  The sound of it can calm the body when it’s ocean waves or a spurting fountain.  The sound of it can also scare you when the rain is torrential.  Not only can water please or disturb your sense of sound, but it affects other senses as well.  The sight of water in a waterfall, great lake, ocean, or pond also provides an emotion and like  sound, the image can be comforting or disconcerting.  Think of a tranquil pond, the vastness and awe of an ocean.  Then compare it to the despair of water that can cover streets, cars, and houses.  Water is unique in that it’s the only compound that can be seen as a solid, liquid, or gas.

Water in the sink was one of my favorite ways to entertain myself when I was little.  I’d put all sorts of objects in the round porcelain bowl, turn on the taps so that the temperature was hot and cold (I must not have known the term warm), and fill the sink up to the little hole closest to my bellybutton as I stood atop a wooden stool.  It was an adventure seeing what objects floated to the top and which ones stayed nestled underwater.  All those that sank like the yo-yo, superball, and jacks were immediately retrieved with my diving hand.  They had to go, so I parked them on top of the toilet lid on top of a towel.  

Now for the fun part!  The objects that floated.  I loved watching the two plastic boats that bobbed and turned with the move of my hands.  How long would the dry piece of tape remain on a plastic boat floating in the water? I had permission to use both Scotch tapes my mother kept in the hallway drawer (obviously, I also had permission to play in the sink).  There were two kinds of tape.  One roll was a shiny quarter inch strip while the other roll looked like the same tape only it had been frosted like the pane on a window on a snowy day.  I remember the shiny tape lost its stick before the frosted tape did.  The shiny tape also left a sticky residue that was hard to clean.  As a little girl, I was attracted to the shiny tape, but I learned to appreciate the quality of the frosted tape.  And to this day when I use tape, I prefer Scotch tape magic (frosted) as opposed to Scotch tape transparent (shiny).

Playing in the sink ended with pulling on the drain open/close lever.  I watched my toys descend into the bowl of the sink as the water sluiced downward.  The toys were picked up, dried with one of the pink bath towels, then put away for another day.  Water fascinated then, and it continues to fascinate today.

Water Facts from “34 Eye-Opening Facts About Water”. Treehugger

  • The average human body is made of 55 to 65 percent water.
  • Newborn babies have even more, ringing in at 78 percent water.
  • Water covers 70.9 percent of the planet’s surface.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. I love water too! Nothing more calming than staying under water in the pool. I always find it very calming and the shower is what my frayed nerves seek every time I don’t feel right.
    Another water fact, it is odourless because, our receptors are mostly made of water mucus, due to which we don’t have any smell of water.

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  2. I loved this post! Like you, I’m completely fascinated by water and what it does – physically and metaphorically. There’s a reason, I think, why it’s held such power over our imagery for so long. Also…pretty please tell me you’ve seen Walter Wick’s “A Drop of Water?”

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  3. I loved reading your post. I too love water and am fascinated by it. Your post made me feel nostalgic for a simpler time when playing in a sink full of water could fill a whole afternoon.

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