Natural Rhythm

What will I do today?  There are many choices.  Things have already happened such as  making morning coffee, increasing the temperature on the thermostat, and making the bed.  I also did a little reading, game playing, and writing.

Next will come getting dressed and exercising.  I am undecided as to what I should do for exercise.  I most recently walked, so I probably will lift or row to work on the upper body.

Exercise is important to me.  I’ve kind of been hooked after a doctor recommended a wellness intervention plan where one of the tasks was to get 30-minutes of activity in daily.  I have also been hooked on exercise since Covid-19.  When the pandemic came about, and I could no longer go to Rutledge Elementary School to work, and the nearby gym was closed, I was at a loss.  What would I do?  Fear surrounded me.  I wouldn’t be able to exercise, and I would get fat.  I also knew how hard it was to get in an exercise groove after a long hiatus that the pandemic threatened.

Fortunately, I could safely walk around the neighborhood, and I could continue my indoor workout that I call home maintenance.  With some more thinking I revised the home maintenance routine to include my husband’s free weights.  This synthesis allowed me to keep my upper body in shape, and it was almost a completely new workout. Overtime and with some help from a coworker, I stumbled onto several exercise videos on You-Tube, which added variety and some challenge. 

It’s been 2-years now, and I continue with the workouts I incorporated during the pandemic.  But things are definitely better.  I safely returned to the gym and added it back to the routine.  Exercise keeps me balanced and sane.  It provides structure to my life, and it’s good for me.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. I am hoping to develop an exercise routine now that we are completely moved to our cabin. have walked with my husband and our dog for two days in a row, (We’ve been here three and a half). My Fitbit keeps me on track with making sure I move. I need to work on my upper body and flatten my tummy a little more. I am hoping to get into an exercise routine that lasts. You should be proud of yourself – you did something positive with all the downtime the pandemic provided! Kudos to you!

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