Between the Lines

“It’s a hard one,” my husband said over my shoulder as I looked at the glowing screen.

“Uh-huh,” I grunted, completely engrossed with the remaining letters and wondering about the correct sequence and what letter would partner with a K.

“Did you hear me?  It took me a while to get it…”

“Yeah, I heard you.”

“So my love and visual learner, are you going to use one of your sticky notes?

“Not yet.  I think I can solve this one with a little more time,”

“It’s a tough one, so good luck.”

He heads his six foot three body toward the man cave or study where he will sit like I do in front of a computer.  The screen on his computer has little in common with mine.  Often there’s a spreadsheet and/or Fidelity portfolio showing the effects of the day’s stock market volatility.  

Mine, on the other hand, dons opened windows for the New York Times, Gmail, Proton mail, Substack, and a crossword puzzle or two.  

Now back to Wordle.  What could it be today?

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.

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