What a Joke

I am not a funny person, and when it comes to telling jokes and stories, I am not the one you want to hear.  I’m too serious, and It’s hard for me to remember jokes and their punchlines.  In fact the one I remember goes like this:  A father was going to teach his son about gravity, so the two went outside.  The boy handed his father a stick, and his father said, “Watch.”  The father threw the stick up into the air, but it didn’t come down.

See?  That’s how I tell a joke.  I’m not funny. Now I do laugh at comedians, and I used to faithfully watch The Last Comic Standing when it was televised.  I also have fond memories of George Carlin.  But if there were a comedian I’d pay money to see today, it would be Ron White.  I fell in love with Ron White when he was part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.  His performances always stood out and not just because he drank a lot of scotch and smoked a cigar.  Ron White can tell a story.  He paces each detail so that you are sitting on the edge of your seat.  He watches the audience and then BAM!  Punchline!  Ron White is a master at timing.  It is a true art.  Kind of like teaching is a craft, but that’s a whole other writing topic, so I’ll end the squirrel tracks here.

Going to a Ron White performance is definitely on my bucket list, and I’m proud to tell you I’m of the age where I actually have crossed an item off this list.  I know Ron White is in my future.

Now here’s a stab at another joke. The setting is that time in the past when passengers could smoke on plans.  A nervous man is puffing on a cigar like a steam locomotive. He had the stogie in his mouth when he boarded, and now there’s a pall of vapor hanging heavily in the cabin.  To his right is a coughing woman who politely asks him to put out the cigar.

“Why should I? “ retorted the man.  “It’s a free country.”

Having had enough of his rude backtalk, the woman snags the cigar from his mouth and throws it out the window (luckily she had a window seat).  He then crawls over her lap to get his cigar back, but when he reaches out the window, there is only a bird.  However, there’s something in it’s mouth. A cigar perhaps?  No, a stick.

Timing is everything when telling a joke especially when it comes full circle. 

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


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