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Grandpa Olson

My grandpa was a rascal and a tease with a sweet tooth.  I have such fond memories of him.  His heart was so big.  He loved to sneak food scraps to the family cat while at the table, which was a no-no in my house where his eldest daughter lived.

One evening my grandma couldn’t figure out what he was up to.  They were watching tv in the living room, which was a typical evening for the two of them, but my grandpa was anything but typical.  He was up and down like a pogo stick.  He’d lower the bar on his black recliner, leave this comfy chair only to return in less than a minute without saying a word  

What in the world could he be doing? my grandma thought.  Is it a bladder issue?  No, there’s no flushing, but he keeps going back in that direction of the house,

Now what was there, back in that direction of the house right across from the bathroom, was a door that opened to the attic stairs, and this is where Grandpa was going.  You see, he had placed a coveted box of chocolates, a present from the grandkids, on the stairs where he knew Grandma would not go with her bad leg.  Each time he got up from his chair, he went there surreptitiously, to get a chocolate.  He’d come back quietly because his mouth was filled with a delectable cocoa candy. 

I’m not sure how my grandma finally figured out that a box of chocolates was the cause of Grandpa’s active evening, but it’s a story I’ll always remember along with the comfort I felt in his lap when he recited a Norwegian finger play that tickled and made me laugh.

By nancyrsantucci

Newly retired Texas educator who loves reading, exercising, cats, and hanging out with her husband.


  1. You set us up right from the beginning with the description “rascal and a tease with a sweet tooth!” Love other insights like his “pogo stick” behavior. How sweet this is (in every way).

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