I haven’t posted in a while because I got stuck. The writing tasks I had been using from Room to Write became more complicated and required too much thought. Thought that didn’t come easily for me. I pittered with two pieces, but they were weird and got me nowhere. I searched through some past drafts… Continue reading Miscellaneous

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

FEAR = False Evidence About Reality Making the wrong decision Failing Spiders Tornados Senility Losing my ability to exercise Losing my ability to read Do you ever have those dreams that leave you in a weird mood?  They most often happen in the morning right before you wake up.  I believe mine come from insecurities… Continue reading Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Chain, Chain, Chain

From road to mailman and the ups and downs of life. The List The Poem ROAD What is out the window? The snowflake wants to come in It’s traveled from the highway Over the gravel And now trespasses on the pane It’s bleached white hue contrasts with the newly tarred roof Only to be lost… Continue reading Chain, Chain, Chain

Dear Abby

Problem:  Should I start private tutoring? VOICE ONE: Absolutely!  You love working with kids.  Evidence is how your voice changed when you met with two students on Zoom for a practice lesson last year.  Children learning gives you a high.  I’ve seen and heard it. VOICE TWO: What would your husband think?  Tutoring might limit… Continue reading Dear Abby

As You Like It

Comparisons are natural and often found in writing. Today’s task is to draw comparisons between something from my surroundings to an object, person, or abstract concept. See how many ways you can compare the two. Go for at least 25. Stretch yourself. Comparisons between my education and the Pennybacker Bridge. What is it about the… Continue reading As You Like It

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

There’s chaos in the kitchen.  Bodies bump and cupboards open and close like a blinking eye restoring its loose contact.  The old man, sitting on the black leather couch, is not used to these sounds.  Whenever he’s in the kitchen, he’s in control and the audio is minimal.  But this week is one of his… Continue reading Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Twenty Years Later

The idea of writing about the future 20 years from now is a little frightening as I have “more yesterdays than tomorrows”, which is one of my favorite Bill Clinton quotes.  But writing is all about imagination and dreams, so I’m going to go for it. PREWRITING Here’s a list of ideas: Me and my… Continue reading Twenty Years Later

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