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Recipe for Bravery

BRAVERY Ingredients 2 cups courage 2 cups fearlessness 1 pound self-esteem 2 tablespoon awareness 2 tablespoon empathy Sprinkle strength and endurance Directions Step 1 Mix 2c courage with 2c fearlessness. Cut 1lb self-esteem into mixture with a pastry cutter until coarse crumbs are formed (slightly smaller than peas). Continue to use pastry cutter and add… Continue reading Recipe for Bravery

Fascinating Fire

My first encounter with fire that I remember is a campfire.  Campfires have positive associations for me.  They are beautiful.  Yellow and orange flames are like paint strokes soaring to reach the night sky.  My ears hear gentle pops and snaps while my nose inhales smells of charred smoke. My body is enveloped in a… Continue reading Fascinating Fire

Grandpa Olson

My grandpa was a rascal and a tease with a sweet tooth.  I have such fond memories of him.  His heart was so big.  He loved to sneak food scraps to the family cat while at the table, which was a no-no in my house where his eldest daughter lived. One evening my grandma couldn’t… Continue reading Grandpa Olson

What a Joke

I am not a funny person, and when it comes to telling jokes and stories, I am not the one you want to hear.  I’m too serious, and It’s hard for me to remember jokes and their punchlines.  In fact the one I remember goes like this:  A father was going to teach his son… Continue reading What a Joke

Type Casting

My two sisters and I can be compared to food.  Let’s start with Dianne.  She is a plate of burger and fries to which everyone is attracted.  My dad always said she was the most beautiful baby.  Let me inform you here: she was the first born.  Dianne is tall with lean legs that tan… Continue reading Type Casting