A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.

Carl Sagan


I haven’t posted in a while because I got stuck. The writing tasks I had been using from Room to Write became more complicated and required too much thought. Thought that didn’t come easily for me. I pittered with two pieces, but they were weird and got me nowhere. I searched through some past drafts… Continue reading Miscellaneous

With or Without Wings

My sister would much prefer to travel without wings.  You can see her aversion from her definition of an airplane:  an aluminum tube of doom.  Where does she get this fear?  Certainly not from our mother who would hop on a plane anytime anywhere if it allowed her to travel.  My sister Sue, on the… Continue reading With or Without Wings

Cool Guys with Cats

The other day I learned that Nicholas Cage has a Main Coon, which led me to the topic and title of this piece.  Two other cool guys own Main Coons and each of these three men can easily be compared.   I first learned about the Main Coon cat breed from my husband, so he naturally… Continue reading Cool Guys with Cats

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